1.  How do I request landscaping work?

You can use our website contact form, email us, or call our company.  It is helpful if you tell us whether we can look at your property without you being there or whether you need an appointment to discuss your needs.  If a meeting is needed, please give us some days and times that would suit one of our landscapers to meet with you.

2.  After I meet with a landscaper, what happens next?

After meeting with one of our landscapers, you will be given a written estimate/ contract.  This will either be given at the time of the meeting or mailed/emailed later if pricing or plans need to be drawn up.

3.  What do I do after receiving an estimate?

After reviewing the contract from our company and you decide to have us do the work, sign the contract and mail it in with a 33% down payment. No down payment is required for ongoing maintenance work.

4. How do I fill out the maintenance contract?

For ongoing maintenance, we will send you a checklist before the spring season begins with services that our company offers. It will list specific prices for work you requested or could have done. Clearly put check marks next to the services you want to have done for that year and mail a signed copy back in.

5. When will my work be done?

Scheduling is often difficult to nail down precisely for landscaping due to weather conditions, plant availability, size of the job, etc. You will be put on the list for work to be done as soon as you send in your signed contract and down payment. Keep in mind that every customer wants their work done as soon as the weather warms up and we do our best to work through our list of customers in order.

Certain types of jobs need to be done at optimal times of the year. For example, tree planting occurs best in the spring or fall. Also remember that very early-in-the-season landscaping is not always best if trees have not lost their blossoms yet or the ground is still hard, etc. We also closely watch weather conditions to determine the best time for chemical work, seeding, etc.

6. Why haven’t I heard back from your company?

Especially in the spring, we receive large volumes of phone calls and emails. It may take a bit before we can get back to you. Our customers also have varying work schedules which can make it difficult to contact each other during our work hours.

7. How does billing work?

Billing is done monthly and will be calculated in the month after your work has been completed. (Ex. If you had work done on June 3, you won’t receive your bill until early-to-mid-July.) You will receive an invoice in the mail showing how much is owed. Mail in a copy of the invoice along with your remaining balance.